writer, guitarist and gravity defier

Well, I’m a guy that enjoys the coordinated sound of instruments (music) and following words on sheets of paper (books). I’m from the beautiful state of Colorado and I’m on a mission to rule the world. Not really, but I want to write books and compose music for everyone to read and listen. That’s my goal. To write and compose great stuff for you to enjoy. It’s a long climb but there’s no way I’m looking down. Let’s keep our heads up, eyes bright and everything will be fine.

Anyways, I started this site so I can upload random topics on Thursdays. Some days I might blog about strange lights in the skies, while other days I’ll fill you in on how the paper clip was invented. I like to learn everything I can and  a good way to keep the knowledge in my head is to tell you about it. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Hope you enjoy reading my stuff! Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.

– Ralph Serr

Twitter: @Flying_Emeralds 


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