Barriers higher than walls

People are funny. It seems like they are hunting to get offended by anything at any time. People love to fight and argue and shout and disagree. But why? Why are people like that?

Someone gets on TV and says something positive about a certain topic and millions of people cheer and applaud. Others disagree and go online and spread negativity about the same topic. 

That’s how it is. For every group of positive individuals there will always be another group preaching the opposite. It’s a duality, just like most things in life.

The funny thing is, to me, that most people live their lives not realizing how the country they live in actually  works. How the world works.

For instance, people hear on TV that the president made a certain action. Millions applaud, millions disagree. Those who applaud agree because of ‘logical reasons’, and those who are against it don’t applaud because of ‘logical reasons’ too. Some might think the president made a poor decision that will bring horrible results, or they might think that it was the ‘best decision ever 10/10’.

But what about thinking outside the box? What if it’s a strategy? What if those in power simply made that decision to keep people arguing? To distract them from future events? To keep people angry or happy? To keep people divided?

That is very important for a leader, or in a nation’s case, leaders. To stay in control of a country you need to keep the people divided, or else the people will unite and will rise against you at the first disagreement. Keep some of your cattle happy with loads of feed and hay, others sad, others angry, drive others crazy, and all the cattle will never unite and will never overthrow your fence to take you down.

That’s what TV is for, the radio, the internet . . . tools for the Divide and Conquer strategy. Fill the people’s minds with stories about discrimination and racism and terrorism and police brutality and religion and politics and climate change and gun control, and the result is a divided nation that will do nothing but segregate itself in groups and never rise against you. Some of the peope will definitely rise and protest, but never in alarming numbers that will threaten the reign. And that’s what Divide and Conquer is, the beauty of it, to never let those numbers rise. To help you keep your throne and do everything you need to do without your people taking your crown away.

Those mind barriers are higher than any wall in the world. If you keep people imprisoned in their own minds with the propaganda you feed them through mainstream media, then you don’t need to lock them upor force them to anything. They will do it on their own because they’ll think they have the freedom to make their own decisions, not realizing that their leaders are the ones filling their minds with the options they want them to pick.

Anyways, that is my opinion. People let others think for them, but not me. I prefer to always think of the third option. If one side says this, and the other says that, then what is the third possibility? Why are they telling us what they tell us? For what possible purpose? Think about it. Next time they try to fill your mind with a story, think for yourself instead of simply nodding to whatever it is they are selling you. Don’t pick sides. Don’t buy everything. Be smart, be skeptic, use your critical thinking, and most importantly, always ask questions. That is something people nowadays are forgetting to do. They don’t ask enough questions and those in control take advantage of that. Questions–always ask them, make them tremble, make them stumble . . . have a voice.

– Ralph Serr


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