Electric Souls

Souls are weird. They’re like a liquid filling the emptiness of a living being, or a patch of air trying to get into everything everywhere. Souls seem to work in strange ways, recycling themselves, over and over, with each loss and each gain of life.

But what exactly is a soul? Where does it come from? Why do we need one?

Some people say souls are what makes us conscious. Others that they’re the minds of the living. And there are those who say they don’t even exist. Opinions opinions opinions. People will always have an opinion and will passionately defend their ideas depending on their experiences and beliefs.

What do I believe, though? I’m a person, therefore I must have an opinion.

What I think, is that the soul is one giant soul. Sounds weird, but let me explain: I think that the soul in each and every one of us is the same one. It’s some sort of ‘life fuel’ that ignites a being capable of living. You get to a point in existence (before birth) when you get a ‘soul pass’ and you start life. The soul floods your body and animates you and makes you conscious. You live with it, and it leaves you when your body loses the ability to live. You die, you have no soul. It goes back into the world, searching for another being to fill with life.

That is the purpose of the soul, in my opinion. Physically, I think the soul is electric.

What happens when you flatline at a hospital? You die, the machine-thingy starts going crazy, and doctors try to awaken you by pounding some devices on your chest and filling you with electricity.

What happens when you rub a balloon on your hair?

What happens when you run naked across a field through a thunderstorm with a steel pan over your head?

Electricity is all around us. It fills us, it’s attracted to us, we ARE electricity, and the soul seems to be powered by it. People believe that we are made of particles, but those particles have to be made of something. That ‘something’ may be electricity. Tiny, miniscule bits of electricity that twist and vibrate in different frequencies to form what our minds perceive as matter.

We are living in an electrical world filled with lightning, aurora borealis, an electromagnetic spectrum, with light, with noise, electric particles . . . and a soul that seems to be electric as well.

So what do you think? Are souls electric or something else? Do they even exist? What is their purpose if you believe in them? Feel free to share your thoughts, and thanks for reading. Take care now.

– Ralph Serr


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