Wars between realities

Wars between realities

For thousands years the people believed that reality was what we see and feel with our five senses. But then came those who challenged those ideas and created a movement against them. A movement based on saying the exact opposite. If reality was white, the new movement said it was black. If reality worked clockwise, the new movement said it worked counter-clockwise. And so on.

The new movement used their complex models and theories to fit their version of reality, and by spreading their ideas they slowly began to take over. The more you tell the people something, the more the people believe in it. All you have to do is take over everything and say what you have to say, over and over again.

Those in control know the truth, they hide the truth and they use manipulation as their weapon to keep it hidden. Many people believe in them, because they have no choice. They are told what reality is since the first day they step in a school classroom. The children grow up believing everything a teacher tells them, because those teachers grew up believing what they teach, and so on. The younger the mind, the easier they learn and absorb and accept.

But recently another movement has begun to rise. A movement similar to the first movement; the one that ruled the world for thousands of years. People are waking up. People are beginning to challenge those in control. People are growing skeptic. People are asking questions and people are starting to refuse everything they are being told without absolute proof. People are beginning to snap out of the trance they’ve been in for decades and are growing thirsty for the truth.

It’s a war between realities. Which will win? The one backed by theories and mathematics or the one that takes the five senses to believe in?

  • -Ralph Serr

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