From dream to novel

From dream to novel

A long while ago I had a dream that changed my direction in life. It was a cool dream. It was highly detailed, it was memorable, and I typed it down on an empty file and saved it on my hard drive. “One day I’ll probably make it into a book or something”, I told myself.

About nine months later after I’d totally forgotten about that dream, I found the document on my computer and gave it a read. I remembered every single event that occured in that dream; it was amazing how everything came back to me with just a few paragraphs of text that I’d saved. Reading that dream got me hyped. Excited, I opened up a new document and began typing my first chapter.

The journey was troublesome. I spent hours not knowing what to write and other times I wrote too much, mostly loads of things that didn’t even tie together. But I was certain of one thing: I wanted to finish the book. Several chapters in, I knew that it was what I wanted. I wanted to keep writing. I wanted to finish the story. I wanted to create a full-length novel.

Anyways, almost two years after those initial struggles I’m almost finished with my first-ever full-length novel. The resulting book is nothing like the dream I’d had all those years ago, but I’m happy with the story that came out. The story is done. The formatting is done. All I need is the cover art and boom, novel finished. It’s been a tough ride, but after way too many months the book is about to pop out of the “book toaster” and I’m excited to put it out there for people to read and enjoy. Hopefully when it comes out you can check it out. Honestly, it would be the best thing ever.

– Ralph Serr


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