Sunshine and Orange Juice

Sunshine and Orange Juice

Angie Hadfield gets a diary as a gift and she writes everything she sees, hears and feels, from being excited about going to kindergarten, to making her first friends. From her school bully and interesting teachers, to her parents getting divorced. And about the noises. What are those strange booming noises coming from the skies? Why is everybody looking upwards? What is the entire world so afraid about?

Cover art by Claudia Green

Cover art by Claudia Green

Hi, everybody. What you just read is a little description of Sunshine and Orange Juice, a book I just published through Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s a short book, about 77 pages long, but I took a few months to complete it because I put all my effort into creating a fictitious story narrated from the POV of a little girl named Angie Hadfield.

Anyways, this is the first book I’ve ever published so I’m pretty excited about it. I actually finished writing it a while ago, but certain events prevented me from publishing it earlier, but who cares about that, right? The good thing is that it’s finished and I’m happy with the resulting book. It’s a simple book, but it’s my book and I can brag all over the place that I wrote a book. That thought makes me smile: I wrote a book. And there’s more books to come.

On other words, I’m giving a last polishing to my first full-length novel, which will probably be finished later this year. I won’t give any details about that one yet, but soon I might spill some juicy details in another blog post. I’m excited about that book as well; I’ve worked on it for almost two years now and I’m fine-tuning it to make it the best novel in the world. Just kidding, haha, I hope it’s the best in the world, but those who read it shall be the judges.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I’d really appreciate it if you gave Sunshine and Orange Juice a peek ( Link —> Kindle Store – Sunshine and Orange Juice  ) Again, thanks for reading and have a nice day.

-Ralph Serr


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