Against the clock

Against the clock

The sun grows hotter as time goes by

and animals attack from sea to land.

People’s hatred rises like a raging tide

while the leaders of the world rule with iron hands.

The grounds start shaking and dirt turns into water,

an illness spreads like wildfire.

A child disobeys both mother and father

and society is full of liars.

A great wall of ice that keeps the truth

from reaching the people’s minds.

They guard it with the power of a shark’s deadly tooth

but still they bother to show us the signs.

A flat horizon, a circling moon,

a dollar that’ll collapse to the worth of a dime.

If the masses keep sleeping it’ll be over soon

because the clock is running out of time.

Hi, there! Hope the weird, little poem-thingy you just read keeps you guessing on what it’s exactly about. It was fun to write. A guy was talking the other day and he mentioned some very interesting things that sort of inspired me to write this poem.

Thanks for reading and sharing. Have a nice day! (:

– Ralph Serr


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