Forget about you

Forget about you

When we broke up I swore I would forget you. Those wonderful moments we had together, those distant memories, sweet but hurtful, I want to forget. They set me on fire, but I’m not sure I like this type of fire. I want to forget you. Your memory hurts too much. I want to forget you.

But I can’t.

Every time I walk past that park, I remember when you pulled my ear under that tree and kissed it afterwards as an apology because it actually hurt real bad.

Every time I hear that one song you liked on the radio, I remember you bobbing your head to the music, that gorgeous smile of yours on your face.

Every time I see your favorite color, I turn away but it stays fresh in my mind. It’s a color that’s everywhere and I cannot escape it.

Every morning when I wake up I remember you. You’re on my mind when the sun comes up, when it sinks behind the horizon, when I’m lying in bed, staring at the ceiling.

I want to forget you.

But I can’t.

You broke my heart and left your name scarred into it. Your name. It hurts to remember your name. Such a beautiful, perfect name. A name that’ll be inside me until the end of my days.

I want to forget you, but I can’t.

I can’t forget you.

But why? Why can’t I forget you? Why can’t I leave you in the past and move forward?

Now that I think about it, I actually know why.

I guess I don’t want to forget you after all.

by Ralph Serr


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