The Orange Mitten

The Orange Mitten

Exactly thirty steps down the street, I found a mitten at my feet. To the left I glanced and also to the right, but the owner of the orange mitten wasn’t in my sight. So naturally I picked it up and slipped my hand inside. It was warm and fuzzy but a little bit too wide. But even though it didn’t fit I stuffed it in my pocket. And I jolted very hard when the mitten started talking. Emily, I grant you the biggest of your wishes. Only one, so choose wisely, don’t spoil it on riches. So I thought about it, hard and long, and a wish popped into mind. I want the other mitten, I said, the one I didn’t find. The mitten said a magic word and there was a flash of light. Another mitten, warm and fuzzy, appeared off to the right. Thank you, Orange Mitten, now I have you both for me. My hands will be protected, and friends forever we will be.

by Ralph Serr


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