The Strangest Mother’s Day

The Strangest Mother’s Day

So today I wake up with my daughter waving a plate of cute pancakes right under my nose. “Happy Mother’s Day,” Sally says, and she nearly drops the delicious-smelling breakfast all over my bed as she struggles to hug me single-handedly. My husband steps into the room along with some orange juice and a bunch of roses, and they watch me with giant smiles as I drown my pancakes with maple syrup.

I wish Karol was here, I say. My husband is bad at hiding his emotions, so I easily see that his smile has turned into a sad one. “Yeah,” he says. “Me too.”

Karol is across the world traveling along with “the love of her life”, some guy she barely even knew, named Mark. She’d dropped out of college just to travel along with him; a decision that neither my husband or I approved. But she is overage and confident, so we didn’t stop her. It is her life. Her decisions are hers to make. All I could do as a mother is hope that she doesn’t get hurt.

“When is she coming back?” Sally asks as she watches me spread some butter on a slightly burned pancake. I smile and shrug. Maybe soon. I don’t know.

It turns out that the phone rings at that precise moment and it’s Karol. “Mom?” she says. “Oh, my God, you won’t believe it!”

What is it? I say. My mind starts going to extremes as usual.

“I’m pregnant.”


“I’m pregnant, Mom!”

Karol, are you serious?

“Yes. I’m pregnant.”

I set the phone down for a second and look at my husband. Then I pick the thing up again and press it against my head. Karol, where are you?

“I’m here.”


And then I see a figure appear at the doorway; a young woman wearing an overlarge coat. She has a shy smile on her face and is holding a cell phone up to her ear. “Surprise, Mom,” Karol says.

I cry as I jump from the bed and hug her tightly. Sally is screaming in delight and my husband is hugging Karol as well, barking happy things that I can’t understand because I’m sobbing too loudly.

Are you really pregnant? I say once the initial surprise is over.

“Yes. And guess what?”


“They’re triplets.”

I nearly faint. My daughter is having triplets. Three babies. In one go. Three. Holy cow.

“But there’s something I have to tell you,” Karol says.

She leads us out to the front yard and I see a man that I’ve never met before. Karol says he’s her boyfriend, Jared. He’s at least two times older than Karol and looks mean enough to murder us if we dared touch his two-foot beard or skull tattoo on his beefy arm. I get shivers as I stare at him from afar.

So, yeah. My husband and I are a bit disappointed, especially since Karol never told us about this new boyrfriend of hers whom she met during her trip across the world along with Mark, but at least Jared’s mean looks are only that. Once he started chatting he turned out to be a really nice guy. He’s an interior designer over in Florida and seems to be highly educated. He speaks fluently and eloquently and is actually easy with the smiles. Genuine smiles. I still don’t trust him, though, but I’m willing to give him a chance just because he’s going to be the father of Karol’s triplets.

Yeah. It was a strange Mother’s Day today.

Well, that was a little piece of fiction inspired by today’s Mother’s Day celebration. I woke up and said, hey, I need to blog today. Why not make something up about Mother’s Day?

So there it is. Weird little story, but I think at least three or four of the millions of people out there can relate to it.

Anyways, if a mom reads this, I wish you many more Mother’s Days to come and I hope you had a blast today, celebrating with your families. This blog post went up a bit later than I would’ve wanted, but hey, at least I got it up, right? Again, Happy Mother’s Day, and thank you all for reading. Have a good one. (:

– Ralph Serr


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