A year of blogging

A year of blogging

So today my blog turned exactly one year old. Wow. Time flies. I remember when I was just starting this thing up and I was incredibly insecure about what the heck I was gonna post on here. I overthought everything and once the post was up I reread it loads of times to make sure everything was on point. Now it’s different. I still try my best to post stuff that people can understand and like, but I’m not as insecure as before. I guess I got more confident with my writing as the weeks passed. And I’m glad because it feels more natural to not worry so much about something that you want to write.

Anyways, I just want to give you my thanks for reading my stuff. It really means a lot to me. My blog has grown at a painfully slow pace during this year, but I’m grateful for those who have followed and liked and commented and shared and done all those nice things that you lovely blog readers do. I know that I’m not the best blogger out there, but hey. I try. And I like trying. I like writing short pieces of fiction and stuff and I like knowing that there are a few people out there that actually read them. Again, thank you and keep on reading. Keep on sharing. Keep on being who you are, you amazing reader you.

-Ralph Serr


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