Rough times

Rough times

So these are rough times for me. Harsh times. Depressing times. I’ve been at the top of the world and deep down into a black pit and it all happened so fast. Heartbreak is bad. It eats you. It wears you out. It makes you want to end it all. But I know I can get out of this; I just need some time.

So sorry for not posting anything recently. Like I said, I’m going through rough moments, and I need some time to clear my mind. I’m taking a bit of a break from my novel, too, but I’ll get back at it soon. I first need to get over this bleeding hole in my heart. Let it scar a bit, at least enough so it stops leaking.

Anyway, I’ll get back to posting on this blog site as soon as I’m ready. Hope you understand, and thanks for reading.

-Ralph Serr


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