Was there “nothing” before time?

Was there “nothing” before time?

Some people believe that there was a beginning to everything there is. There was a Big Bang that started it all. A point of creation by God. The start of a new world. But then some people say that there was nothing before this moment. Space and time didn’t exist before existing, meaning that there was nothing before space and time.

But personally, I think that there was something before the beginning. That “something” was there, it happened, but our feeble human minds can’t comprehend it, perhaps never will. People can be arrogant to think that everything is limited to space and time, but it’s possible that some things do not follow our universe’s rules. There could be things out there that are amazingly complex, amazingly simple, but completely out of our reach because we can’t perceive them.

Imagine an earthworm. An earthworm’s world consists of the underground and the surface of the ground. They spent most of their time digging through dirt and finding nourishment, but a few brave souls actually go up to the surface and find a blinding light force that we call the sun, and flying creatures that eat them, and a thing called wind, and giants who step on them. To an earthworm, the surface is a dangerous place, mostly unexplored because of the dangers out there, but just because they don’t explore it too often doesn’t mean that new things aren’t there. There are things on the surface that they don’t know about, but that doesn’t meant that they don’t exist. Math, rims, backpacks, television, bowties, a Picasso painting—all these things are very real, but an earthworm doesn’t know about them and its little “mind” can’t even comprehend them.

What if we’re like the earthworms? There are things out there that we can’t detect, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. There were probably things before the beginning of the universe, before the “start” of space and time, but just like an earthworm can’t understand a children’s book, we can’t understand the world before the Big Bang because our minds just don’t allow it.

Maybe one day an earthworm will evolve and grow a pair of eyes. On that day, the worm will be able to see, and what a moment will it be when it witnesses its first sunset. A sunset that was right under its nose for ages and ages, but not having eyes had prevented it from seeing one. Maybe one day we’ll grow out a third eye (a sixth sense) and we’ll detect things that have been right under our noses. Maybe one day we’ll see beyond the sunset that has been blinding us from discovering a new world.

-Ralph Serr


2 thoughts on “Was there “nothing” before time?

  1. I totally agree! There is so much we don’t know, so much we will never know. I find this sort of thing absolutely fascinating. And, don’t even get me started on things like black holes and quantum physics–most of it boggles the mind. 🙂


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