My favorite 2014 reads

My favorite 2014 reads

In 2014 I read a lot. Dozens of books went into my Kindle and I gobbled them all up like a starving, sharp-fanged, book-eating badger with no fill. Anyways, I’m gonna show you a few of my favorite reads of 2014. They weren’t published last year, but still, they are good books and I highly recommend them. Some of them are a few years old, but for some strange reason I hadn’t gotten my claws on them. Hope you give them a shot.

The Great Gilly Hopkins

The Great Gilly Hopkins

This book was fun to read. It’s written by Katherine Paterson and is about a rebellious girl who moves from foster home to foster home and settles down with a lady whom she dislikes. She wishes to live with her mom–who lives far away in another state–and is up to making everyone’s lives impossible. The story deals with things like racism and hope.

Blueberry Hill: a sister’s story

Blueberry Hill

This book, by Bette Lee Crosby, was one of my top favs. It’s a heart-wrenching story about two sisters who fight against relationships and illnesses. It’s based on a true story and I bet you’d really like it.

How to win friends and influence people

How To Win Friends And Influence People

This book really changed a big part of me. Dale Carnegie, the writer, tells you some good pointers on socializing with other people. It’s an excellent book and I recommend it for those who wish to leave a positive imprint on people you meet. If you feel like you need some advice on dealing with everyday people, or even with big-shots in the corporate world, then I suggest you give this book a read. Most of the important lines in the book are unforgettable, and they can help you succeed and win in life.

Jacob have I loved

Jacob have I loved

Jacob have I loved, another book by Katherine Paterson, is about the rivalry between two sisters who live in a small fishing island. The story deals with stuff like love and jealousy. I really liked this one because the characters seemed very real to me. It’s always a win when the author manages to create believable people.

Moon over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest

This book, written by Clare Vanderpool, is about a girl who is sent to live in Kansas. A pastor takes her in, since her father is far away, and she discovers a hidden box filled with stuff, like letters and mementos. These things send her on a quest and she discovers past stories of the small town of Manifest, a town that had been affected by the economic Depression. She wants to know the story behind the people of the town, but most importantly, she seeks the story of her father, who apparently didn’t leave a single trace of his past in Manifest.

So those are a few of my favorite books for 2014. Like I said, I read loads of them, new and old, but these are the ones that really etched themselves into my mind and just shouted at me to recommend them. As you probably noticed, most of them are books for kids, some of them even got the Newbery Medal. The reason behind this choice of books is because I like this genre, and it’s actually the genre I’m writing right now. I’m still working on my novel, but I’ll wrap it up one day and see if it can see the light.

Alrighty, then. This was my first blog post of the year. It’s insane how fast time is flying. I hope you had a great 2014, and cheers for an even better 2015. I’ll end this post with some Dr. Seuss: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” I like that quote. Ever since I read it a billion years ago I haven’t forgotten it. Anyhow, keep on reading, keep on writing, keep on doing whatever you do. Just remember to stay awesome, and to keep on being you.

-Ralph Serr


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