Evil Clowns

Evil Clowns

On a cold, foggy night, the moon hidden from sight, two clowns from the woods have emerged to cause fright. With knives in their hands that they found in the sand, they want to rip bellies and bloody the land. But where are the girls and where are the boys? Are they hiding among their huge piles of toys? One clown searches each bedroom and finds little Joy. She was under the bed alongside baby Roy. The clown grins a big grin, full of terror and sin. Then he slashes the baby and looks for a bin. He throws away Roy and he turns for the girl. But in a swirl of bright colors he stumbles mid-twirl. Three girls step right up with a gun to his face. His skin crawls with goose bumps, his heart starts to race. He drops his long knife, on knees begs for his life. Too late, little Joy has red fury in her eyes. There’s a bang and a grunt, the clown falls to the ground. The other one enters the room at the sound. Trembling all over, Joy pulls back the trigger. Goodbye, evil clowns. You are dead now, I figure.

painting by Stu Mead

painting by Stu Mead

So that was a little piece that was inspired by the previous image, which I found while lazying on the internet. I stumbled upon it, I stared, and I felt like writing the story behind it, plus, I was feeling poetic at the moment, so I decided to make it rhyme as well. It’s a bit dark, yes, but I hope you liked it, and I’d really appreciate it if you shared. Have a great day and keep on reading.

by Ralph Serr


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