Why do people like cats so much?

Why do people like cats so much?

The internet is the cats’ domain. They are everywhere: Youtube, Twitter, blogs, Tumblr, and there are even weird sites dedicated to portraying the majestic and classy feline as the Gods of the universe. Personally, I like cats, but I’m more of a dog person. I like how a dog shows its feelings with the eyes, and how they actually look at your face when you talk to them. But that’s just my opinion. I did some research over the internuts and read some interesting opinions from people who like cats.


“Cats are less work than dogs.” Yahoo answers contributor

So that means that some people like cats because they make less mess, I guess. Cats use the kitty-litter box, or when they do outside, they actually dig up their business. I guess that’s a point for cats, zero for dogs, but still, I don’t think that laziness should be something that defines whether you like certain animal or not. If you really love a pet, wouldn’t you do anything for him/her to keep them happy, no matter how hard the work is?

“Cats are cute! The purrfect distraction from our hectic lives.” Mashable Love Cats Infographic

So we also have people who use cats as distractions from stress and all that. Your boss scolds you for staring at her cleavage too much and suspends you for three days? Go home and pet Mr. Paws. You forgot your dentist appointment and now you have seven cavities and four broken teeth? Go home and curl up with Tibbles. I guess cats have that peaceful vibe around them. Your world seems a much better place when they’re around, and all your problems in life seem not so big after all.

“A study of British pet owners found that people who owned cats tended to be smarter than their dog loving counterparts.” Mentalfloss article

Apparently people with cats tend to be smart, according to a test that involved their I.Q. and overall level of education. This is because some people work long for hours on end, and come home tired, not wanting to walk a pet or play with them for another couple hours. Cats will just demand food and curl up and sleep. No need for too much attention.

“Cats groom themselves.” thecatwhowrites.com

Cats groom themselves. You don’t need to wash them, you don’t need to pick up their dung from all over the place, you don’t need to dry them off to prevent muddy smears all over your new carpet. Again, laziness is a top reason for liking cats. You don’t have to work hard for having them. Grooming is no problem, yay! I can sit down and watch movies all afternoon long!

Coke cat

So cats are widely loved because they don’t make big messes; they groom themselves; they don’t demand a whole bunch of attention like a bouncing dog; they help you cope with every-day stress; and probably because of appearance. Some people might love the body structure, or the way the colors swirl around the cat’s head, or stuff like that. But in the end, the only thing that counts is whether you’re happy or not with your pet. Whatever animal it is, you should treat it well and create that special bond between each other. It doesn’t matter if your pet gets all over your face, demanding for walks, or lays massive turds on your couch. Just work hard to keep that pet and yourself happy, whether cat or dog or tarantula or badger. And remember to post photos and videos of it all over the internet. Apparently, it’s like a rule now, or else you’re not a legit cat owner. Like the saying says: Pics or it didn’t happen. So if you have a cat, post that bad boy/girl for the world to see and be proud. Who knows? Maybe your cat can become the next “Grumpy Cat”.

-Ralph Serr


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