Mind colors

Mind colors

What can I do to make everything stop?

Some things are beautiful, but others are not. I don’t like the things that I see. At least not the scary ones. They flash before me wherever I go and they don’t want to go away no matter how hard I shake them off.

At times I see the amazing sounds glowing in the dark, rippling through the air like great flourescent waves. The sounds that reach my ears. The sounds that seep into my mind and make me shake and make me smile.

Other times there are colors. Why are they there? Why do the colors slap me on the tongue? I taste the blues, taste the reds, and taste the yellows. The greens are the best because they taste like hope, and hope feels good compared to the purple. Green is like peace, but purple closes the mind. Purple surrounds every sound and every image that I perceive, and I feel like in a well, trapped forever with no light.  Purple wants to fill me with emptiness and take away my dawns. Purple hates me.

And then there is my enemy, the one thing that terrifies me the most. Out there it stands, day and night, waiting for me. I know it wants to get me, but I will never let it take me. No, because I taste the greens, and greens are hope. As long as there is hope, I don’t have to go out there. The silent orange demon shall stay on my lawn forever, waiting for me, waiting for my soul, for my colors, for my sound. Every week I see the man, putting letters in Orange’s mouth, but Orange shall never know who the letters are for. Those letters shall stay in Orange for weeks until its mouth is full and the man has to pull them out and slip them under my door. Then I shall watch and watch it happen again. I shall win like always. Orange will never get me. It wants me to go out there for my letters, but the letters will always come to me.

But still, even though I taste the greens filling me with hope, I can’t help feeling desparate for the sounds to go away. And those horrible colors that taste like rust, those waves in the air that hurt my eyes. Why don’t they disappear?

And then I think: Maybe I don’t need my letters anymore. Maybe it’s time for me to go. I think it’s time to explore a place where the mind roams free, not imprisoned by this world. A place where I am welcome and I can breathe and see and taste everything without fear.

But the question is: How?

How do I make everything stop? Pink has told me that there is nothing I can do. The sound wave that looks like a distorted bubble said to never look into the future; to live my life how it is no matter how harsh it becomes.

But Green is always there for me. Green says there is a way. There is a way and I should find it. It’s a hard path, a dangerous path, but it is quite possible. All I need to do is — what?

What can I do to make everything stop?

That was a little piece I wrote about a fascinating mind. The mind is a complicated thing, big and full of potential for everything. Some people get lost in their own heads and live their whole lives trapped in a complicated world filled with puzzles and near-impossible obstacles. These worlds are amazing to explore, which is why I love books that have psychological stuff on the pages.

Anyway, I hope you liked reading that confusing thing that I wrote. It might not make sense at first — or ever — but I think that some of you might enjoy it. If you did, you can let me know with a comment here or on Twitter or wherever you want. I’d like to see your colorful voice and feel your glowing words.

-Ralph Serr


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