Sleep Party People

Sleep Party People

I got introduced to Sleep Party People’s music about two years ago and I’m still loving it. It’s a dreampop, post-rock, ambient-type genre, and lots of people fall in love with it with just a few seconds of listening to it. I know I did.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. — Plato

So I was listening to this song called A Dark God Heart” by Sleep Party Peopleand like with all of his dark-but-beautiful songs, I drifted away into my imagination. Loads of things creeped into my mind, and they were great things to write about. They may not be the most amazing and jaw-dropping things ever, but they are the best because they were born in my brain, and they truly reflect whatever is going on inside it at the time. I’d like you to listen to this song and feel the music. Just close your eyes and imagine whatever the heck the song makes you imagine. I know it will be different for every person.

Here is a link to the song on Youtube. It’s a music video, but you can choose to not look at the video in case you think it will block your mind from making up its own stuff:

So there’s the song. If you want (you don’t have to, but it would be cool if you did) you can put it on, close your eyes, listen to it, and when you’re done, get your laptop or notebook or whatever and write your thoughts. Write your feelings. Write whatever film happened inside your head. You don’t have to share whatever you write, but it would be a nice writing exercise if you do this often, not just with Sleep Party People, but with other styles of music that you enjoy listening to. Put on some music and write. Just let your fingers do the work while your head is up in a cloud. Surprise yourself. Who knows what you’ll be able to squeeze out of that creative brain of yours?

-Ralph Serr


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