Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice

Take a second to ponder over your life. Are you happy? Are you truly happy? Millions of people all over the world aren’t happy at all; they’re miserable. They say it themselves: “I wish I had finished my degree”, “My job sucks”, “I hate my life”. But why are all these people wishing they had done something different? Why are they stuck in their dark pits and not climbing out? The answer is because they chose to stay there.

Image from freedigitalphotos.net

Image from freedigitalphotos.net

But why would somebody choose to be miserable? Well, I think that it depends each person, but a few reasons that come to mind are fear of rejection, fear of leaving the comfort zone, or thinking that they’re not good enough to succeed.

I remember that I was living a miserable life when I was in college. The engineering life was exciting at first, but with time, I realized that the world I had imagined at college and beyond college was completely different and incredibly boring. Very quickly, the excitement dropped and I began to abhor both my classes and the vision of my future. In three words: I was disappointed.

But I discovered writing and my life changed dramatically. The miserable life I had became exciting once more, and amazingly, it has stayed that way. I managed to climb out of my depression and my outlook on life became thrilling and positive, just like before. After an eternal two years of please-kill-me classes, I can finally say that life is good once more.

Happy fox

So all it takes to leave the pit of misery is to get your Scheiße together and make an executive decision. Grit your teeth and create your future, because you’re the only one that can. The phrase “Happiness is a choice”—a phrase I truly believe in—has a simple, yet motivational power. It has been said countless times by countless people, but the first person I ever heard it from was from Shay Carl Butler, a Youtube personality and co-founder of Maker Studios. This guy, Shay, is an excellent role model, because apart from being hilarious, he says tons of phrases and pieces of advice that really motivate and encourage you. He and his wonderful family have influenced millions of people all over the globe and I’m happy to pass on their contagious influence toward others. If you want to check them out, their Youtube channel is called “SHAYTARDS”, a channel followed by millions of people already.

So, yeah. If you ever feel like something is wrong with your life, or something isn’t going how you thought it would, make your decision and change everything before the problem grows into a massive depression. The only way to be happy is to want to be happy, and you’re the only one with the reins of your life in your hands. Dream about your goals and envision yourself triumphant, because if you don’t, if you never believe in yourself, you’ll never succeed; never be happy. Take those negative thoughts out of your mind and chuck them over a cliff into a shark-infested sea, and look at the dawning sun and say: “Today is gonna be a great day.”

-Ralph Serr


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