How a heart-shaped rock opened my eyes

How a heart-shaped rock opened my eyes

In the past I used to sit around and wait for a big idea to shine upon me. It was like I was expecting some magical fairy to descend from the heavens and punch me across the face with a big boxing glove called ‘Inspiration’. Sometimes I would go on for days feeling like I had the worst imagination in the world. It was horrible because I wanted to write really, really bad and nothing remotely amazing happened in my mind.

So one day, a fairy did come and visit me, but she didn’t punch me with Inspiration. Instead, she grabbed a gavel named ‘Open your eyes, you blind mortal’, and bonked me with it. The moment the gavel touched my head, a bright light burst into life deep inside my mind and it opened my eyes. I saw something wonderful. But what did I see? What did this violent fairy make me notice?

She opened my eyes and I saw the world. Yes, I had seen the world many times before, but not truly like Miss Fairy taught me so. I saw everything with my new eyes, and everything was blooming with stories. Stories that were begging for me to write them down in my notebook. Stories I had never heard before.

Time sneaks by and I’m still by this bridge

like a silent guardian, protecting the ridge

I’ve been here for ages and nobody cares

if a heart I had, I am sure it would tear.

Suns soar by and the moons transform

clouds grow thick and bloom out storms

still I’m here, simply existing and dead

if a heart I had, it would already have bled.

One early morning I hear a sweet voice

the voice of a girl that makes me rejoice

imagine the thrill when she spotted me here

I am now in her pocket, there’s nothing to fear.

My new home, a window sill, bathed in bright light

overlooking the forest, oh, what a fine sight

every sunrise and sundown I feel the girl’s kiss

and the warmth of her fingers that fill me with bliss.

After centuries of waiting I finally belong

in a place where my girl writes and sings me her songs

she told me she loved me, she gave me her word

if a heart I had, it would beat only for her.

                                                                             – Ralph Serr

What you just read was a short poem inspired by a heart-shaped rock I found one day. That rock was my fairy; the one that opened my eyes. This rock, was just sitting there, and I wondered why nobody had ever picked it up, since it’s almost a perfectly-shaped heart. I took it and rolled it around in my palm and it was like the rock had feelings or something. I had to take the rock home with me.

So what I learned that day, was that you should NEVER sit around and wait for inspiration to come. It probably never will, and it’s a waste of time waiting for it. Look around you and see the world with brand new eyes. Inspiration is everywhere, right under your nose, and all you have to do is open your eyes to see it. Or hear it. Or feel it. Or smell it. Write about anything; it doesn’t matter if it seems insignificant at first. The important thing here is to write. My rock poem, for instance, isn’t the best poem out there, but I wrote it and I liked it. I liked it because it’s my poem, and the inspiration was out there and I found it. A little technique that I like to use, is to pretend that I don’t exist. I imagine that I’m a rock or a tree or a fence post, and then I see the world around me from their point of view. It’s just the world and my senses during those moments. Thoughts about my life disappear, and my mind and soul are possessed by the dream-like world around me. Try it out. It’s a marvelous feeling.

“Don’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London

– Ralph Serr


2 thoughts on “How a heart-shaped rock opened my eyes

  1. Beautiful post and poem, Ralph. This is actually one of the reasons I love haiku so much. It forces you to slow down and look at what’s around you, to see the beauty in small, simple moments and things–like a heart-shaped rock. 🙂

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