Learning something new

Learning something new

When somebody is teaching you something new it’s sometimes hard to grasp everything they say or show you. No matter how hard you try to pay attention, your brain just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. Everything goes through your eyes and ears, and deep inside your mind, there’s a subconscious waste basket where all of the information is being thrown away, piling higher and higher and never to be seen again. But why does this happen? Why is learning something new sometimes so incredibly boring?


Perhaps the answer is simply that: It’s boring as hell. Your brain is recieving a whole load of information it doesn’t find interesting and it wants nothing with it. Your teacher is babbling away about quantum physics or the reproduction cycle of dung beetles, and all you’re thinking is: Let it end! I want to go home! I want to die!

Trying to learn something new while having all these negative thoughts of boredom and suicide is a problem. Sometimes, paying attention simply isn’t enough. Your foggy brain seems to shut down automatically, making you cranky, nauseous, sleepy, or a combination of all three. I remember those times when I was in class that I found myself bobbing my head because I was falling asleep. Or those times I tried to do homework and I just had to shut my books and go outside to whack things with a stick.


A couple of years ago, I dug my nose into the music scene and decided to pick up a guitar. It was something that I had never tried before and it was thrilling. Everyday, I grabbed the gleaming, wooden instrument and plucked and strummed away to what I hoped were amazing melodies. Time passed and I actually felt like I was progessing. I bought my first electric guitar, and soon, my fingers became agile, my timing was on point and I was able to improvise with ease. Before I even knew it, I was confident enough to say that I had learned to play the guitar.

So what I got from this, is that learning requires enjoyment. And please note that it’s not always the case; you can totally learn something even though you hate its guts, but if you enjoy what you’re doing, I think you’re able to accurately retain more information that way. When you have fun while trying to learn something new, your brain works in diferent ways and you absorb everything like a leech. You seem to become a child once more and your attention is at full power; nothing can stop you from learning.

If you’re not willing to learn

no one can help you.

If you’re determined to learn

no one can stop you.

– Zig Ziglar

The best way to learn in my opinion, is to have fun while doing it. Even if you’re doing the dullest work in the universe, try to look at it from the bright side and breathe some fun into it. If you find it impossible, then you’re trying too hard on learning something that won’t be worth it. Go for learning things you’re passionate about so you can make the best out of them. Learn things that make your eyes twinkle with curiosity and do your best every day. Summer is practically here, so why not take some time to learn something new? Grab a musical instrument, learn to drive stick shift, become a painter. Try out anything that makes your chest swell with joy and keep on doing it until you’re a beast at it. You’ll be glad that you decided to take that step because by the end of summer, you’ll be happy to say that you had a fun time doing it, plus, you will have learned something new.

– Ralph Serr


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