Make a stranger’s day

Make a stranger’s day

Every day, there are millions of people all over the world that have really bad days. Shitty days. Days that they want to forget and stash under the mattress forever. On those days the universe seems to conspire against you and time slows down, making you feel like everything is going down an endless, dark pit. No matter what you do, the thing that’s affecting you is nagging you in the very back of your mind, making you feel miserable and wanting nothing but for the day to end. I’m pretty sure everybody has had times like these.


Just the other day I was going crazy because of an incredible amount of heavy criticism that I was recieving. Even though I’m the optimistic type of person that likes to think on the bright side, it was still enough to lower my defenses and bring my mood down to the floor. It was the worst day I had had in weeks and it really affected me.

But something amazing happened toward the evening that day. A stranger— a random girl on the street— walked past me and gave me the widest smile ever. I had never seen her in my life and still, her smile made the day not so shitty after all. This girl elevated my mood and I thank her for making me remember a valuable lesson that I had seemed to forget.

Dear Stranger,

You are lovely. Have a nice day.


Another Stranger

So, yeah. What I’m going at here, is that we can make a stranger’s day even in the simplest way, like a smile. I guess it also depends a lot on the person that is having the bad day, because I think there are plenty of people out there that are having bad days, and you give them a smile and they stare back like you’re an insect and say, “What are you smiling about, huh?”.

But it’s worth the try. Smile or give a compliment. Do anything that can make a stranger smile back. It can make the stranger’s day, and you too, will feel good inside.

“Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.” – Steve Maraboli

– Ralph Serr


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