Eat the moon

We are sheep living on a field where there’s a fence that we mustn’t cross. We never attempt escape. We know that if we cross we will be punished. Possibly murdered. So we never try. Besides, the fence is too far away to even go. It would take months to get there, and for what? To get killed?

We are constantly attacked and threatened by the shepherds’ dogs. They try to kill us all, but we sheep are so many that they can’t kill us all at once. They take one, two, five, but we sheep keep multiplying, dying and being born again. We are so many sheep. So many shepherd dogs. Such a strange balance.

The shepherds come to our fenced world and shove us sheep around. They make us fight each other. They give their dogs orders to kill us. They are evil. We sheep are so many and the shepherds so few, but they have such a power and cunning to always get away with their evil work. We must overthrow them, but we sheep are too asleep as a group to do anything. We must wake up.

Amongst us sheep there are tales of other beings we’ve never seen before. They are the ones who put the first sheep here; the ones who raised the fence that traps us on this bit of land. They never show themselves, but they give orders. They control the shepherds, who please the unknown beings with the sacrifices of baby sheep. Our baby sheep. We must overthrow these beings too, but it is much more difficult. It’s difficult because they never show themselves and we don’t know where they are.

These unknown beings worship the sun, but they obey the moon. They feed on the fear of sheep and dogs, and they feel alive when innocent blood splatters on the ground.  They grow fat on the throne of an empire where tyranny rules with a threat of a great fire. They harvest negativity by controlling the shepherds, and watch the completion of their work just as it’s written on the firmament.

But those unknown beings know they are not immortal. They protect the moon with lies, and keep us sheep and dogs distracted.

That is a sheep’s purpose; to eat the moon as if made of cheese, to destroy fate once and for all. Where there is no moon, there are no unknown beings.

When the moon is eaten whole, the curse of death burns into ash.

Destroy the moon. Destroy the luna. It is what you’re here for.
– Ralph Serr